Friday, April 11, 2008

This 'n That

UFO's no more:

1 - Irish Hiking Scarf knit with Eco Wool from Cascade - 1st cable project

1 - Rustic Kate Tam knit with 4 oz of Superwash Merino roving from Wooly Treasures - 1st project completed with homespun

I know, I've already "shown off" the tam!!!

Do you see what happens to middle age folk when all the kids have flown the coop??? We must entertain ourselves any way we can.
The "Outlaw" turned one on Tuesday & we had a little celebration of sorts with Bert & Ernie party hats.

Josie with her most favoritest birthday toy, la catnippy fishy!

Molly looking very possessed & a lot like "Cujo" in this shot.

A grand time was had by all!

The "shocker" homespun

Mother bird came back & laid 4 more eggs to the existing 1 that was already there!

Now, I think this is a chickadee's nest...

This nest is right next to my back door & is definitely a Wren's nest with 5 eggs occupying it

If I remember correctly, Wendy told me this is a Spirea.


Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

GORGIMOUS knitting....the roving turned out so pretty when you finished spinning it but is absolutely BEAUTIFUL knit using the hat pattern!! I know your daughter is gong to be tickled!!

Looks like a fun birthday party!! LOL!!

These pics aren't enough......your yard is so beautiful and relaxing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Outlaw! The dog looks like it's about to take that hat off and beat you with it! ROTFL

Beautiful FO's! That hat is so soft! You did a great job. :-)

grace said...

I know a certain 8 year old boy who would think putting party hats on animals is a FANTASTIC idea. :D

I love the pink yarn!

Anonymous said...

Very nice FOs and yarn. I love the b'day kids. Your flowers look great

Shirley said...

Hey Mommi Salami, that yarn is so beautiful. I'm pretty impressed, I wouldn't have thought you would pick that color. I "loves" my hat (her name is Lola), I was very much the envy of my companies eyes today. YAY!!! I think IT gave me creative energy and I crafted with more enthusiasm today than I ever have before!!! It has magical powers, maybe I will sleep in it and perhaps have artsy fartsy dreams!!!


Lola is happy that she is now where she belongs, ON MY HEAD!

Holly said...

Look at all your pretties! Love the color of the Homespun!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong at all with partying with pets. You don't even have to be an empty nester to want to do it. There are even books on how to throw the ultimate doggie parties, Every month or so I dress one of my Jack Russells in some type of costume on one of the days they do their therapy dog visits at either the assisted living facility or the nursing home that we go to.

Pets like to be part of everything, too.

ginger said...

Anybody who parties with pets is a fun person! :) Especially when it includes pointy party hats!!

Your tam turned out great - and with your homespun! I know you have to be soooo proud!