Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nature's Gifts


Lily of the Valley............May's birth flower

My reward for picking up trash around the lake across the street...............

Hawk or owl?

Five Purple Finch babies in geranium basket

Knit it?

Rip it?

Knit it?

Rip it?

Which is it???

Mama Wren peeking out of her nest while she awaits the birth of her 5 chicks.

She's incorporated a snake's skin into the nest.

She hasn't moved in a day or two so it must be getting close to time. Another Wren is bringing her food.

Singing for their supper!
Only 4 chicks made it though. One of the eggs is sitting on top of the nest.
The other day I saw a Geiko hanging out very close to the nest with a smitten look on it's you think it could be the robber???
Sexiest foot in town...
Another set "bites the dust".....
This is the 5th set of socks needles the "Outlaw" has destroyed.
I swear this cat goes into my knitting bag at night & hunts down my sock needles.


Cindy said...

I'm telling you, me and outlaw would fight! Tell me the secret of peonies. I've had 3 plants in the ground for 15 years and they have never bloomed. They die back completely and disappear until the next year. They spout in spring (which they are doing now) and get about 2 feet high and that's it. Oh tell me great one of the yard.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Ahhhhhh......another trip around your beautiful yard...THANK you!!!!!

Emily said...

I loved this post!

wendy g said...

What beautiful flowers in your yard! Love all of the shots of the nests and babies too.
Sorry about those needles too.

ginger said...

My peonies are fickle. Sometimes they get tall and look like they are going to do something and then just don't. Some years they are GREAT. I don't know what your trick is Bibby!

Guess what!? My Carolina Wren just had her babies too! I'll post a pic of them soon!!

grace said...

I love peonies!

Bubblesknits said...

I love the pictures! Especially the toad. :-)

I'm having problems with my kitten attacking my needles. She thinks they're ever so much fun to play with. *sigh*

Holly said...

If you would just share with her, she wouldn't still your needles. Just kidding. I missed you guys too, Thursday night. Those are some great nature pictures.

madison said...

aww such cute babys nana i kneed ur help i dont know what i want 2 be

a baker,a horse breeder,a flourist(spelt rite?),a seemstress,a phertographer,or a book writer????????????????????????????? you

madison said...

maybe if u kissed the toad it would turn into a price and carry u off on his noble steed!!!!

madison said...

oops i ment prince