Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Perfect Day

Today PNL & I took a drive up Hwy 75 to Oneonta to see the covered bridges. Since it was our 1st real fall like day it seemed like a good day for a drive. The ragweed & goldenrod are abundant inspite of the drought.

We ended up going to Inland Lake to see how low the water is. It was extremely sad to see what was once one of the most beautiful lakes all dried-up. Boats that were once moored to docks sitting on dry land. This is one of our main water sources that feeds into Lake Purdy.

On a lighter note, I had the pleasure of meeting a very interesting gentleman by the name of Fred Ingram.

I walked into a store by the name of "Eureka Shop" across from Miller Drug Store in the older section of downtown Oneonta. I didn't notice anyone else in the store & was wondering where the merchant of this establishment was. As I approached the back of the store, I heard a soft voice say "hello". Here sat an older man with the most striking blue eyes I have ever seen crocheting this wonderful shawl that he wanted to model for the camera. Sorry it isn't a clearer picture.

Fred spent his earlier years at the University of Alabama studying art. His specialty is sculpture, but he dabbles in other areas too. For instance, not only does he crochet, he also knits, yes knits. Fred won 1st prize at the county fair many years ago for a shawl that he knitted that had a pocket on it..........he made up the pattern himself.

Fred crocheting his "flashy" shawl.
I wasn't aware of it, but there's a knit shop in Oneonta a few stores down from "Eureka Shop".
It doesn't look like much on the outside, but Fred says she has quite a selection of yarn. May be worth a drive one day when it's open.....

A Work of Art

Since I average about 1 post per month (if that) I figured I better get on the ball before the month is entirely over!!! My motto........... better late than never!
Well, I've had a few restless nights here lately trying to decide between a Baynes or the Ashford "Traveler". It appears that the later has won out after much ado about spinning. I hope I've selected a "great" one for a beginner to learn on?
Is there a suttle way to say "I'M GETTING A WHEEL"??? I want to yell it from the roof tops, but I'm scared of heights. This interenet cast will just have to do.
You know she'll definitely have to have a name. Any suggestions???
What fine lines she has..........isn't she a beautiful piece of work!
Thanks PNL.