Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Asheville in April

Quick Sock Yarn Scarf
Found this free pattern on-line. I didn't use sock yarn like the name says; I used Cascade Eco Wool, which is much heavier. The detail of the scarf is very pretty although you can't tell it from the picture.
I know you shouldn't take pictures while you're driving, but it's been so long since I saw a nice dusting of snow I couldn't resist.
I was on my way home from Asheville, NC last Saturday after having spent a wonderful week visiting a dear friend of mine.
When I arrived last Saturday it was a beautiful spring day, but it gradually got colder & colder as the week went on. There was a blizard (not really) Friday night & we awoke to this nice little amount of snow. Too pretty...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2007 HSP Questionaire

1. "No hurricanes, no hurricanes, no hurricanes". Please, no hurricanes....

2. If your pet(s) wrote a paragraph about you to describe you to us what would they say?
Mabel Anne & Molly would tell you that since I took up knitting they get little in the way of attention from me. This is sooo not true though! You see, I have supplemented food for quality time. I figure this way they get what they want, I get what I want (a cat that doesn't chase my yarn while I'm knitting) and maybe the chipmunks are a little safer too.

3. What is your favorite hurricane supplies snack?
Milano Double Chocolate cookies by Pepperidge Farm.

4. Do sock patterns normally fit you "as written" or do you usually modify them for size in any way?
They normally fit as written. But, sometimes I make them just a tad longer than called for depending on how much yarn I have.

4a. What are your foot measurements, not just shoe size?
Shoe size = 9; foot length = 10 1/2"; ball of foot = 9"

5. What one city abroad would you visit and why if money was no object?
Rome, for the art.

6. Do you wear socks all year round or just during the winter? Do you prefer them tall or short or regular height?
I wear anklet type socks in the spring/summer & regular length socks the rest of the year.

7. The last time the power was out during hurricane season (or bad weather of any kind) did you knit by lantern or were you lucky enough to knit to the humm of a generator? Or did you knit at all?
Can't remember the last time we lost power!

8. Make a wish for your favorite sock yarn that you've already used once. What would it be? ? Dont be shy about listing an exact colorway or two if you'd like.
I made a pair of socks with Cherry Tree Hill last year & gave them to my sister for Christmas. It was the nicest yarn I've worked with to date.

9. What is it about sock knitting that keeps you wanting to knit more and more socks?
There are endless patterns & yarns to choose from. They are also so portable, not to mention I love socks. They make great gifts too!

10. Make a wish for a sock yarn that you are dying to try but haven't bought for yourself yet.
I don't know...some lovely hand dyed something in beautiful pinks, purples, turqoise, blues or all of the above together.
11. What size needles do you knit socks for YOURSELF with the most? Are they circular or bamboo needles? What brand?
I usually use 2-#2 KnitPicks circular needles. I'm addicted to Addi Turbos too!

12. If you could only take 3 yarn related books and one previously knitted project that you love with you when you evacuated what would they be?
The previously knitted item would be a large felted knitting bag (filled with all my sock yarns, needles & patterns) I made a couple years ago.
The yarn related books would be: Knitting in Plain English, The Knitter's Bible and Favorite Socks.

13. What knitting notion do you wish you had that you just keep putting off getting for yourself?
I want one of those old wooden sock darning thingies.

14. What is your favorite tv show?
This Old House

15. Do you want a lacey sock or a "solid fabric" sock from your hurricane partner?
Surprises me, although I'm not a "frilly" person!

16. It's midnight and the power has been off for two days, its hot, and you have a craving for something sweet! What would it be? (This is a FOOD related question ladies! LOL)
Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

17. Tell us a story about any of your hurricane weather related experiences.
n/a (thank God)!

18. What was the one thing you wish you had remembered to get last year for hurricane supplies that you swore you wouldn't forget this year?

19. What color sock would you like to recieve from your sock partner?
I want to be surprised.