Friday, March 28, 2008

Nesting Birds

The color of this Mandevilla is sure to attrack a Hummingbird or two don't you think???

I went to water one of my hanging baskets & look what I discovered in the middle of the Geranium..........the "sweetest" little bird's nest with a single blue egg.
I think the mother of this egg is a little brown Wren.
Well, this made me think of & want to make.......

Can you see the little felted bird's nest with a single blue egg in it?

Here's a better shot!!!
The eggs aren't felted but rather a purchase from Tuesday Morning back before Easter.

And, of course I couldn't stop there.......
I had to make a bluebird to go with.....
The beak didn't turn out too well though. It looks like it should be on a platypus!!!!

This Bluebird is a free pattern from Berroco.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Amazing "Grace"

I think Grace is really pissed at me!!! I've been keeping her in suspense as to what I've been knitting with her homespun.

I sold my soul to win this most "wonderful" & I mean WONDERFUL homespun by Grace. This has to be the most fabulous yarn that I have EVER knit with!!! It's so evenly spun & has such a different feel to it than that of commercial yarn.

This is a diagonally knit scarf with a shifting rib pattern. The pattern calls for Noro Silk Garden & I think Grace's yarn is "equally" suited.

There will be leftover yarn & I'm thinking mittens, which would be a first for me!!!

I got extremely "lucky" & won the pink hat draw in Emily & Michael's baby contest!!!
My prizes arrived yesterday & I'm tickled to death with them. Look at the precious Easter egg sock bag from Tipsy Knitter!!! I love it love it love it!!! Too, there was a "pink" keychain highlighter - a knitter's must. A "pink"mini fan! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm always hot (yeah baby), so I'll definitely be wearing it out!!! A sock blocker keychain kit - it even has "pink" yarn included. And last, but definitely not least a "pink" package of "Soak" which I've been wanting to try. Thanks bunches
Emily, Michael & Ellie!!!

Rustic - Kate by Wooly Treasures
Superwash Merino

This has been the funnest roving yet to spin with. The color scheme makes me feel good & is so happy!!! There's not a color alive that isn't included.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sally Jo, the "Outlaw" Josie Whales

Monday, March 10, 2008

Paris Anyone???

Hedora is feeling very "lavish" modeling my first finished Fair Isle project.
This was also a first time using a "chart", which up until now I've had a mental block about. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. Now, add several more yarns in there & I'd go ballistic!!! But, just the two strands wasn't bad at all.

I like the way the inside turned out too! It could almost be reversible......
Look what my daughter rewarded me with the other day. It's a rubber stamp with my name that she had made!!!
I'm just so tickled with it that I'm stamping all my knitting/spinning books.
Incredibly thoughtful gift Shirley!!!
Thank you

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Corner of Perkins & Pleasant

for Shirley, need I say more..........

An Enormous Oversight

They call her "Mellow Yellow"!!! ♫♪♪♫♪♫♫♫♪♫♪ That's right.........

I'm afraid without meaning to, I may have hurt someone's feelings in a BIG way!!! This someone is my oldest granddaughter, "Mermie". Mermie, very talented much like her mother, spent an entire weekend making this adorable kitty for me. I, in some non-thinking state failed to post it on my blog. I feel terrible & hope that she will see this & that I will be able to redeem myself just a triffle in this precious child's eyes.

A tremendous amount of hand sewing went into Mellow Yellow. She has double button eyes, floss wiskers, a felt nose & felt hair!!!

I love this kitty & of course she makes me smile & feel good every time I see her, much like Mermie. I'm sooooo blessed........................

Fair Isle Tam

I attended a Fair Isle knitting class yesterday instructed by Suzanne B. I just love it when she calls me "Sunshine"!!! LOL Unfortunately, Suzanne calls everyone "Sunshine". Burst my bubble........

The "Sock Wizard"
(after Jessi had fixed her hair for picture taking).
Below, Suzanne & Jessi, the loose knitters!

Margaret from Hoover with a GREAT smile!!!
Margaret jumped right in there once we started talking "Willie Warmers"!!!
Thanks for teaching a great class Suzanne!!!!