Monday, August 20, 2007

Dish Rag Tag

DH & I had two of the grandkids over the weekend & took them to see "Stardust" Saturday afternoon. The whole time we were at the movie I was wondering if "the box" had been delivered with today's mail! I also was curious if it would fit in the mailbox, or if the postman would put it by the front door where it COULD possibly get stolen. Panic attack!!!
We pulled into the driveway around 3:30. The box wasn't by the front door. My heart sunk. I pulled up to the mailbox so my granddaughter could get the mail & aha the box HAD fit in the mailbox afterall. I was so excited I could hardly handle it.
Melissa in Michigan came through with the prettiest tangerine lacey dish rag. I think rather than a dish rag though, I will use it for a face cloth..............too pretty to get all greased-up don't ya think?
Also, in the box was "Little Sprouts" grasshead that grows REAL grass. Sally Jo is loving it already and it's not even out of the box yet! My favorite favoritest thing though is the safety pin full of the coolest button stitch markers that I've ever seen!
Melissa, thanks for everything!!!
Go Rockin Rag Taggers.........