Tuesday, January 8, 2008

WHEN THE TIME COMES...................

I'm absolutely, positively, without a doubt, 100% certain, downright, indisputably, unmistakeably, cocksure (yes, "cocksure") "IN LOVE" with my Ashford Traveler.

I asked DH last night to bury me with my wheel if I go first. He looked at me funny & said "but you want to be cremated"? DH was "dead" serious (no pun intended). You gotta love the man!!!

My most favorite place in the entire world, the Pine Tree State, Maine.
This is on Ocean Drive in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor.

Stephen King's House in Bangor, Maine.

Double click to enlarge the picture & check out the cast iron spider web with flying bats on the very top of the gate. The driveway entrance (not pictured) has gargoyles on the gate.

"Ladies in Hats"

This "lovely" shot was taken on Craigmere Pond in Orland, Maine. My great great grandfather built the cabin in the background with his own hands. Unfortunately, it is no longer in the family. The pond is an outlet for a fish hatchery. The water is crystal clear & the cleanest body of water I know of. You can bath in it with your biodegradable shampoo & soap. I swear, your skin has never felt so soft & clean. Unfortunately, it is no longer in the family.

My sister, Midge (standing), my grandmother, Minnie & "guess who" with RG, the penguin.


Cindy said...

We need to plan a trip to Maine, don't ya think? Love Stephen King's house. And again, Minnie is my kind of woman.

grace said...

One's relationship with one's wheel is a beautiful thing. ;-)

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

GREAT post!!!

Ummm....isn't the wheel in the will to me???? LOL!!!

I second Cindy's post....we DO need to go to Maine!!

Anonymous said...

ERRRRRRRRR HUM!!!! You said I was gonna inherit it mom---I'm holding you to it---