Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The "Assistant"

I think I'm gonna rename my blog "The Dysfunctional Blogger"! What do you think??? I'm so terribly inconsistent with my postings. Not to mention they are far & few between. Hey, I could make that one of many New Year's resolutions.
On with the blog...........
I was asked right before Christmas to cane a chair for a lady who wanted to give it as a Christmas present to her mother. Of course, I said "yes", but after saying so wondered how in the world I would have it finished for her in time. Then I had a "brainstorm" or a storm in my brain is more like it............I can get the "Outlaw" to help me. That is if I can pull her out of the loving arms of her nurturing father.

I did manage to distract her long enough to e-mail HH Perkins & order the right size cane for the job.
The cane arrived within a few days, so I asked her to get off of her "fat duff" & help me out.

This was the "Outlaws" first attempt at caning & she felt compelled to unwind all the cane for me in an attempt to be helpful!!!
Oh so helpful...................

We secured all horitzontals & verticals strands with pegs to hold them in place.

This wore the "Outlaw" out & she had to take a cat's nap.

Horizontal weaving begins. At this point pegs are no longer necessary, the weave keeps the strands in place.

Seventh & final step: applying binder cane around edges to cover up all 70 holes.

The finished chair in Little Professor's parking lot awaiting the drop off. Forgot to take a picture of it completed at home.
The chair's owners were very pleased, and the "Outlaw" is hoping to get an apprenticeship position in the near future.


grace said...

Too funny! And nice job with the chair!

ginger said...

Oooh! I love that you showed pictures! I never had *any* idea how to do that! Happy New Year, sweet girl!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

GREAT job on the chair!!!!! I know the owner was tickled to get it back looking so nice!!

I suggest if you don't have time to blog that you let the "outlaw" blog for you!!! Looks like she has full computer skills!! LOL!!

OH MY.....she is SO pretty and SO big!! LOL!!

I'm going to hold you to the New Year's resolution to post more!!

How about flashing some of your hand spun yarn????????

Cindy said...

OH Bibby, you did a beautiful job on that chair. You are so talented. And yes, you do need to blog more. I keep looking at your blog everyday and see those durn stamps. Put that spinning picture you sent me on your blog. It was so pretty.

tonni said...

Yes... Blog more! The chair is lovely. Where is your spinning???