Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Tribute to Jenny & the Snow

Jenny, Christmas 1967 wearing a hat my mother knit for her

Growing up in Pennsylvania there were many occasions to pull out the family 4-seater toboggan & head for the hills at Valley Forge.

My very best friend in the whole world growing up was Jenny Byrnes. We met in grade school at Tarelton & soon became inseparable best friends. After grade school she was sent to an all girls private school & I went to public school. This didn't hamper our friendship at just made the weekends that much more special!!!

Unless, we were in trouble for something we had done the weekend before, we were always at one or the other's house for the weekend. I liked going to Jenny's house cause she had 5 brothers & sisters & one of the brothers just happened to be 2 years older.......Phillip. Ah yes, Phillip..........

Anyway, one particular weekend when we were suppose to get together it snowed & it snowed big.... I remember snow drifts 3-4' deep. Our parents were not going to risk getting their cars stuck just so that Jenny & I could see each other, so we decided to walk. We lived roughly 3.5 miles apart & the plan was for us to leave our houses at the same time & we would meet somewhere in the middle. Once we met up we were going sledding, so I pulled the 4-seater toboggan behind me. We did meet up & we did go sledding.
If you've ever seen pictures of the Pennsylvania countryside, you know that there are beautiful rolling hills just perfect for "best friends" to go sledding on.

We walked on a ways looking for the perfect place to launch our sled.............we found it quickly!!!

It was the most wonderful untouched hill of snow with a perfect slope, not too steep & not too flat and it went on forever. So, we loaded up on the toboggan with me in the front & Jenny behind me. We were having the time of our lives, flying down that slippery slope just laughing & laughing when it abruptly came to a painful end. We had no way of knowing that there was a stone wall underneath all that beautiful snow with a drop off of about 5 feet. When the toboggan went over the wall it flipped nose first. I was burried in the snow with a toboggan on top of me and Jenny on top of the toboggan. I had the air knocked out of me for a few seconds & suffered a couple bruises, but other than that was okay. Jenny too had a few bruises but was otherwise alright.......thank God!

We decided not to do that again & as we were heading back towards the road & noticed a pond across the street that was frozen over. Well, we loved a good frozen pond to skate around on & headed towards it. It never occured to us that we might be on "Private Property" now or when we were sledding!!!

We walked out onto the ice in our boots & were sliding around when a man on a snow mobile came from out of nowhere. Apparently, we were on "Private Property" & it was his property!!! We were both expecting a tongue lashing & for our parents to be called, but quite the opposite happened!!!

This nice man told us we shouldn't be on the ice cause it could crack & we could go under, but that if we wanted, he would give us a ride on his snow mobile. We looked at each other, smiled & jumped on. This was a first for both of us & we were so excited. The man was wearing a very long knit hat that hung half way down his back. The hat came to a point & had a tassle on it. Jenny & I snickered about it & we took off slowly on the snow mobile. As the vehicle went faster, the tassle on the man's long ski cap slapped us in the face. This was sooooooooo hilarious to us, not to mention we were having the time of our lives flying through the snow that we laughed & laughed out loud. This was a perfect ending to our day & we had yet another "story" for our diaries.

Jenny & me, Tarelton School Christmas Program 1965


Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Awww....what great memories!!!! Are you still in contact with Jenny?

I only remember snow once when I was growing up, NOTHING like ya'll had!!!

Cindy said...

What a great story!

Bubblesknits said...

That's a great memory. :-) Although, now if some man drove up and asked us if we'd like to get on his snow mobile, we'd all run for the hills! LOL

catknits said...

Loved your story and the pictures to go along with it. What fun memories!

Grace said...

What a terrific story!

ginger said...

That is the best story ever! I have the biggest grin right now just thinking about the fun you and Jenny must have had that day!

elizabeth said...

What a great story! We used to go up to my friend Shana's house on "Catholic Hill" (church at the bottom, graveyard at the top) and sled down her huge yard. Once we were going WAY too fast and crashed through the bushes, slid across the icy road and almost over a drop! Of course, it was great fun and we didn't even worry about almost DYING. :o)

Shirley said...

Hey mom, YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT STORY--I laughed so hard thinking about you and Jenny. Ok-you gotta tell the story of the cigar and the insulation!!! ROFL-- You know what really freaked me out? You standing there, it's my body language-from that angle I look like you!!!! How blessed I am-I love you.