Monday, December 3, 2007

Only 5 More To Go

We had the pleasure of having my oldest grandson spend the weekend with us. DG turned 14 in November & his Papa thought it was high time he had a driving lesson. Papa loaded DG up in his truck & off they went to the local high school parking lot. This same high school parking lot is where he taught our son to drive 10 years ago. How old does this make us feel???

On his 3rd try, DG was able to engage the clutch & take off in 1st gear with minimal bucking & jerking.

DG was so proud of himself (I think it shows on his face) & so were his Papa & I.


ginger said...

Aw!!! That's great!!

tonni said...

What a nice grandpa! I'm with you, teach them early to drive those manual transmissions :) Congrats to DG!