Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An Attempt at Intarsia

This is a stocking I started for PNL in September. Needless to say it won't be ready by Christmas this year!!!
I've always thought that it would be the neatest thing to be able to knit a Christmas stocking like my mother used to do. I've cherished the one my mother made me (nearly 50 years ago). I can remember when my stocking (2nd from left) would be unpacked & how excited I would get because I knew in the very near future it would be filled with wonderful goodies from Santa. I loved running my hand across santa's soft n' fuzzy angora beard. From left to right are my son Daniel's "big foot" stocking (we've had many a laugh over this one); mine; my daughter Blake's; and my oldest grandson's.


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Looking good!!!! You'll have to help us all when we get around to making our stockings!!

What a treasure to have these stockings and they look so good hanging on your mantle!!!

Paula said...

Those are so nice. All the stockings DH's grandmother made like those are hiding this year. I need to keep searching.

tonni said...

I love to think back on all the cherished holiday memories from my childhood. It is great that you are continuing on the tradition of handknit stockings like your mother... it doesn't really matter that it may not be ready this year, but it will last for years to come!