Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Firewood Than Usual

I was setting a fire in the fireplace yesterday in the chance that it may get cold enough that we can actually light it, when this overwhelming feeling of missing my boy hit me.

My son is a pyromaniac!!! I knew this from the day he can home with singed eyelashes & eyebrows at the mere age of 6. The older next door neighbor boy talked him into stealing cigarettes & matches from our house to smoke.

You oughta hear a 6 year old lie when the evidence is clearly written all over his face..............LOL

Anyway, the non-shrinking log pile made me chuckle to myself cause this time last year he was still living here in Birmingham & every time he would come over he would load his trunk up with firewood to take to his place.

When we moved into this house 3 years ago October, the weather was much like it is today! The a/c was turned way down & he built a "bonfire" in the fireplace, which he continued to stoke all day long.

As much as I complained, I miss the bonfires!!!

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