Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Favorite Things

Well, the new ceiling is finally up & freshly painted & looks 100% better!!! Although we're still trying to dig our way out from under all the shit rock dust..............oops!!! But, that is what it is!!! It doesn't go away........

Prior to construction, I spun the rest of the Fiber Artist Merino PNL got me for Christmas.

I finished my "Knitting Pure & Simple" sweater in January. I've worn it once & it is extremely warm!!! I'm hoping it will get "really" cold once more so I can wear it again.

I got the idea for the blanket stitch detail on the collar from a Mission Falls advertisement in Vogue Knitting magazine.

Jitterbug "Toscana" yarn in garter rib pattern.

I had to buy an extra skein of yarn to finish this pair. Sometimes, I like to knit socks a little longer than the pattern calls for. Usually, I have enough yarn, but not this time. They turned out very stretchy & I could have gotten by using a smaller needle.

When my mother passed & my sister & I were dividing thing up, I chose this miniature spinning wheel. At the time, I had no interest in knitting or spinning.

Last night I added a drive band using heavy thread & it actually works!!! There's no way to remove the bobbin from the "mother" though.....

Austrian Fortune Telling Cup

This is one of the those things from my childhood that I wasn't allowed to touch, only covet.

I adore this teacup & saucer & love that it has a witch on the bottom of the cup.


Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

I know you are so glad to have all the construction behind you!! What a job!!

AWESOME knitting as usual!!! Love the socks...hate you had to buy more yarn....hmmm....I guess Cindy might say it is Karma since that was "her" yarn!! LOL!!!!

Amazing little spinning wheel....especially in light that you are now a spinning goddess!!

I love the cup and saucer!!! I haven't seen anything like this!!

grace said...

I love your yarn. It looks great! And the tea cup and saucer are AWESOME.

Holly said...

Look at all your knitting. I missed knit night too. I hope you will be there next week with me.

Your yarn is so pretty.

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers.