Monday, February 4, 2008

The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock ain't got nothing on us!!!! Double negative, I know but you get the picture.

Can you see all the starlings???

DH & I spent Saturday emptying out our living room, dining room, foyer & hallway so that we can have some work done on our ceiling.

We rented a POD & when we would move a piece of furniture outside the starlings would fly from one side of the yard to the other. There were hundreds of them & when one would fly, they all would fly. When one landed, they all landed. Not to mention they were loud too!

Could we get it any emptier??? I really kinda like it like this, except that everything echos & it makes the house colder.

The "Outlaw" really likes it like this......she thinks it's her own hockey rink!

I left a plant just so there would be some semblance of life.........


grace said...

I bet you could fit a whole bunch of spinner and their wheels in your house right now. :D

grace said...

um, spinnerS. Plural. Sheesh. I am idiot.

Bubblesknits said...

My house always feels like that after we take all the Christmas decorations down. All empty and echoing.

Cindy said...

Let's have a dance! I'll bring the margarittas.

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

WOW....does it look different!!! I say you leave it for oh say.....10 or 11 chairs and we use this as our "official" spinning clubhouse.....all those in favor?????? LOL!!!

Madison said...

Nana where in the world are you standing to take this picture? I never knew your house was so big!
I love you