Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hurricane Sock Really Rocks

Just now getting around to posting pictures of my "Hippy Crunchy" sock from Jenny. The sock is an anklet that fits pefectly & I can't wait to attempt to duplicate it. There is a lot of open work on the top of the sock & I believe Jenny to be a more advanced sock knitter than myself....hope I can do it justice.
Look at all the neat things that Jenny included in the box. My favorite Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies in both chocolate & mint......yum yum. Margarita mix along with hurricane glasses & umbrella straws...............can't wait to get into that!!! Also included was a cute little blue zippered bag perfect for socks, as well as a yarn cutter & Chibi needles.

Jenny was also thoughtful enough to include a remembrance gift for Mabel Ann. The neatest tape measure with a kitty on it. Everytime I see it it will remind me of her.

May I introduce the newest addition to the family, Sally Jo. She was named for a Ricky Skaggs bluegrass song that seemed to fit her purrrrrrfectly. She's extememly laid back & she & the dog get along GREAT!!! I have fallen in love again.....


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww....who could help but fall in love with sweet little Sally Jo!!! SUCH a cutie!!

Looks like a great swap for you!! I have seen so many "hippy crunchy" socks on blogs....it is on my list of socks to make!!! Looking forward to the mate!!

Anonymous said...

Again, I'm sooooo sorry that they were late... the sock isn't intimidating... you just have to pay attention... which was a challenge for me! The sock yarn was hand dyed, I realize that I forgot to mention that... I did it myself, hope you like it :)


paula said...

Very nice goodies! What a cute widdle furball!