Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chemo Caps & Past Knits

The chemo caps were mailed to Sue in Minnesota yesterday. I hope they bring some comfort to Sue's sister, Mary. I decided to make 3 caps, each with a different fiber content. The striped cap is all cotton & feels really nice. The purple one is 100% acrylic, but very soft & probably very warm too! The purplish/blue one is 50 cotton/50 acrylic. They are all machine washable.

I have posted several "past knits" in that it appears I don't knit much. Since I learned how to knit socks, everything else (knitwise) has been put on the back burner.
The socks were my first pair of Cherry Tree Hill. They were a Christmas present to my sister last year.
I finished this Jo Sharp wrap last year. It was a gift to my beautiful daughter. She loves it so much that she keeps it on a dress form so she can always see it.

This ugly bag was one of first felting projects. My daughter fell in love with it & of course I gave it to her.

I call this the "Bean Hat". One of my middle granddaughters is a "hat girl". Her name is Hala, which means ring around the moon, but I started calling her "Bean" several years ago & it stuck.


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

WOW...that's some knitting you've got there!!

I know the chemo caps will be greatly appreciated and they look GREAT...but then again ALL your knitting is FABULOUS DAHLING!!!!

Nikki said...

Great knitting!!!

I'm on your dish rag tag team and just wanted to stop by and say hello!

tonni said...

Hello - I received your message about the SAff button and had already put one one hold for you per Darlene :)

ginger said...

The caps are gorgeous and you know I love that wrap.

Have I seen that bag before? It is GREAT! When did you do that one!?

Madison said...

Hey Nana,

You know Hala loves that hat!