Monday, March 10, 2008

Paris Anyone???

Hedora is feeling very "lavish" modeling my first finished Fair Isle project.
This was also a first time using a "chart", which up until now I've had a mental block about. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. Now, add several more yarns in there & I'd go ballistic!!! But, just the two strands wasn't bad at all.

I like the way the inside turned out too! It could almost be reversible......
Look what my daughter rewarded me with the other day. It's a rubber stamp with my name that she had made!!!
I'm just so tickled with it that I'm stamping all my knitting/spinning books.
Incredibly thoughtful gift Shirley!!!
Thank you


grace said...

The tam looks great! Love the stamp. You must have a terrific daughter. :)

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

You tam looks let's see a pic of YOU wearing it!!!

You did a GREAT job on it!!!

Tell your daughter she needs to sell the stamps!!

Bubblesknits said...

Holy cow! That looks awesome! I wish I had of picked a more contrasting color now.

Shirley said...

Hey Mommi Salami!!! Here is the site for the stamps, they are really nice and professionally done.

No..........I love you more.
I can't wait for the haaaaaat, I'm all giddy inside.


Suzanne B said...

OMG, It looks Awesome!!! I'm so proud of you Sunshine!!!

Now let's see a picture of you modeling it. :)

Madison said...

Hey Nana,
I love the colors on the hat!
I miss you very much.
Tell Polpol i said hey.
The stamp is great!

wendy g said...

Love the tam and great job! What a cute stamp.

Anonymous said...

oooh la la! That looks great. Love the stamp

Emily said...

Great hat! Congratulations on your first Fair Isle - it looks great!

Holly said...

That Tam looks good. It is gorgeous. Good work.