Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Thrift store find............ Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch "Hex" Sign. The Amish use this old form of folk art to decorate & protect their homes. These signs are usually hung on their barns.

The star stands for energy & harmony, love, hope, good fortune, fertility, & protects against fires.

Neckdown pullover by Knitting Pure & Simple. Yarn is "Utopia" by Reynolds.
I've been working on this sweater longer than I care to admit. My goal is to have if completed by Saff at the end of the month. I only lack a sleeve and a half.

I will never buy cheap yarn again as long as I live & put this much time into it!!! I'm embarrassed to say it's 100% acrylic & was only $5.49 a skein.

I wouldn't wear an acrylic sweater from a store much less buy one! What was I thinkin?

My daughter made me this awesome zippered bag for my knitting "stuff"! It's a perfect size (7"x10") & the fabrics she chose are so pretty & cheerful. The inside is as great as the outside. I should have taken a better picture of the lining. Blake even went as far as to machine quilt it! You never cease to amaze me sweetie....

Sophie's Toes "Lush" 100% Merino in garter rib pattern.
Just love these hand dyed beauties. Great yarn from a great friend!
Can't wait to wear them (if it ever cools off)!


Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

Wow Woman!!! You may not post often but when you DO post it is WELL worth the wait!!

I think your sweater looks great!!!

Speaking of GREAT...WOW....Blake's handiwork is incredible!!! Let us know when she gets ready to start selling her work!!

I'm thinking it will be cool enough at SAFF for you to wear your "Lush" socks!!! LOL!!!

And where oh where is your wheel this morning?????

Cindy said...

I love the zipper bag and the sock is beautimus. I'm just going to wear my socks with shorts. It will never get cold here.