Monday, October 6, 2008


This was a really fun knit & yes, it's pink!!! It's a Halcyon Yarn pattern knit with Cotton Fleece & the color is called Pink-a-Boo!

I'm especially pleased with the way the shoulder seams turned out. I used the kitchener stitch & you can't see the seams at all on the outside. The best part of all is that it actually fits!!!

This very sweet rocker is my next chair challenge &
I have until Christmas to get it finished.

Paul & I have been looking for a kitchen island since we moved into our house in 2004. We haven't been able to find anything that we both agreed on up until now.

It arrived as naked Alder & I've added a butcher block finish to it. It was either the butcher block finish or stain it Walnut to match the kitchen cabinets.

My kitchen won't be all matchy matchy, but the island will be functional able.

The "Outlaw" & Baby!
Baby is one of those stretchy head bands & it's her most favorite thing in this world.

If you hear Josie cry it means she has Baby with her, it's the only time she ever MEOWS.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At Last..........

The friendly skies from the only airline left that doesn't charge you for extra baggage, juice or pretzels, Southwest.

Paul & I got off the plane & we're waiting on the curb for Daniel to pick us up & one of the first cars we see has an Alabama football flag hanging out the window. Paul felt like he had gone home!!!

Me & Daniel

After a year & a half, Paul & I finally were able to make it to Baltimore to see Daniel & Leah.

After graduating from Alabama (Tuscaloosa), Dan & Leah moved to the DC area where Dan took a job with ATA. We were suppose to go see them last year, but had to postpone our trip when Paul's father fell & broke his hip.

The weather couldn't have been any better in D.C.
We rode the Metro (which is a whole experience in itself) into D.C. & when you walk out of the station, this is what you see to your left.

This is the view to the right!

My favorite, the Washington National Cathedral.
There was a service in progress while we toured the Cathedral & they ask you not to take pictures while the service is being conducted...........

I couldn't help myself...........all this different colored light was being reflected onto the floor through the stained glass windows.
I think Paul thought the church police were gonna come arrest me & throw me in the gallows. This isn't actually in the sactuary either.

View from my prison cell! LOL

The "Grillmaster" on gameday!!!
Alabama Arkansas game

The "man socks" went along & are finally finished!!!

Saturday morning Leah took me into downtown Baltimore to see her office. She works for a large bank & we were able to go up on the 12th floor where we had a great view of the city.
She then took me to her favorite farmer's market, which is in walking distance from her office. Leah pointed to a yarn store that was kitty corner to the farmer's market. My heart started beating extremely fast & my palms got sweaty, but I restrained myself & didn't look back. We were on a time frame & had to get back for kickoff!!!
This is the backside of the market, which is nothing but the most beautiful flowers.
On the front side of the market, vendors are selling their wares. I LOVED this place!!!

On Sunday, we rode the Metro again into D.C. to see the National's last home game of the season.
We met "Mrs. Hoots" with the Earth Conservation Corps. She was there to help get baseball fans interested in environmental awareness.
Are her eyes not stunning!!!

Inside Nationals Park............just a wee tad bigger than Region's Park in Hoover!

During the game, they had the President's Race on Segways.
Too funny..................
Thanks Daniel & Leah for a wonderful time!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

No Knitting News

I never really thought one way or another about mushrooms, except that I don't like to eat them raw. They smell like dirt & the texture is funky. I tolerate cooked ones....

I read that mushrooms are the "fruit of fungus". Now, that's something to ponder........."the fruit of fungus". Does that mean that mushrooms are fruit? Who knew that fungus had fruit???

There are hundreds of different species of mushrooms & I think we have 1/2 of them in our yard.

I guess we can attribute the abundance of them to the wetter than usual summer we've had.

Now, I will take you on a study of mushrooms, they are really pretty interesting.

Actually, I'm finally learning how to take pictures with my camera.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The "Outlaw," Sally Josey Wales.....................

With claws extended, she wants me to know that she is strong & regal like the mighty oak table she lay upon ....... Yeah right!

God, I LOVE this cat. She has a wonderful disposition & grand outlook on life.

If my pictures are blurred it's because I'm not wearing my glasses when I take the picture.

I wear my glasses on my head more than on my nose. They are almost like an accessory or jewelry, a tiara even.............anyway, they are a fixture.
Losing my eye sight is a for sure sign that time is catching up with me & I must hurry & knit knit knit.
I resent losing my eye sight more than anything (so far, knock wood) about this "aging gracefully" process. Waaa waaa waaa....................poor me.
There are folks that can't see & I'm complaining about a problem I can easily remedy.
I'm a test knitter for one of the versions of Grace's sock pattern. I'm knitting it with Cherry Tree Hill Loden Merino, Size 2 needles.
I'm loving the pattern & learning lots. This is my first toe up sock & my first lace sock. Great job on the pattern Grace.
I'd like to say that I very much LOVE the new Desperate Houswives commercial where they're all dressed in red, dancing to "Fever", & the apples. I don't know how to add this to my blog. If you haven't seen it, go to youtube & look-up the Desperate Housewives Season 5 promo.

My first "man sock" knit with Smooshy superwash merino yarn by Dream in Color Yarn. Love this yarn cause you get 450 yards!

Color: Midnight Derby
Size knit for: 10 1/2D man foot
Needles: #2 circulars
Pattern: 2x2 rib

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forever Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. I get so homesick this time of year that I just want to pack up & head north.

This reminds me of a bumper sticker on a redneck truck I saw many years back..............HELP CLEAN UP THE SOUTH & BUY A YANKEE A PLANE TICKET HOME! I wanted to run the guy off the road & was offended at the time, but now would gladly welcome a free ticket home any day!

Don't get me wrong, the south is very nice, but very hot.

The roving that this yarn was before it got twisted just SCREAMED fall to me.

It started out as 4oz of superwash Merino. It's now 3oz of the best DK weight yarn I've ever spun.

You ask, what happened to the other ounce of fiber? It lays accidentally unwelcome in my vacuum cleaner bag along with cat & dog hair, human hair, sucked up bug parts, cat liter kicked from the box, kitchen tidbits, etc. You get the gist.....

No, there couldn't have been a new bag just placed in the vacuum, so I didn't have to think very long about retrieving it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tools of the Trade

Rowan summer tweed
Knitch pattern
70% silk 30%cotton
wooden buttons